Sunday, August 23, 2015

Haunting Mr. Darcy - One of My Favorites

Haunting Mr. Darcy - A Spirited CourtshipHaunting Mr. Darcy - A Spirited Courtship 
by KaraLynne Mackrory
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Mar 10, 2014

This has to be one of my favorite P&P variations. Haunting Mr. Darcy is a sweet and funny story with both characters charmingly daunted by the crazy premise - Elizabeth has been knocked unconscious and her "spirit" leaves her body to haunt Mr. Darcy.

Darcy has returned to London, leaving Hertfordshire to forget about Elizabeth.  He is unaware that Elizabeth has been in an accident and is clinging to live, but in a coma. Suddenly, he begins to see her in his home.  He is the only one who sees and hears her. Not only can he carry on conversations with her, but there is some physical attachment that keeps her within about 20 feet of him at all times.

Elizabeth is shocked to find herself in Mr. Darcy's library.  How did she get here?  And, even more terrifying, she finds herself walking through walls and furniture.  Is she dead?

Both of them think they are going crazy, so act in a totally uninhibited manner.  Darcy talks to Elizabeth as if he is dreaming. Elizabeth is trying to figure out what has happened and to convince Darcy that she is really there.  The physical connection and the reaction of others to Darcy's apparently talking to himself provide a tremendous amount of humor. Then the need to return Elizabeth's spirit to her body brings about a small amount of angst.

Add this to your list of variations to read as it is just so humorous and charming.
Of course, this has your standard happy ending, but there is just enough worry to give the story some tension.  Recommended to the JAFF lover who can suspend disbelief enough to enjoy a spirited P&P variation.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Entertainingly Different Version of Mr. Collins


Mr Collins' Deception: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Short Story by Renata McMann

Mr Collins' Deception is that he is not the man we have learned to loath in Pride and Prejudice and tons of JAFF variations.  At the beginning of the story, Mr. Collins learns that Lady Catherine gives every clergyman a 1 year probationary period.  So far, all of Mr. Collins' acquaintance and friends have been let go by Lady Catherine 6 weeks prior to the end of their probation.  William Collins has determined he will be everything Lady Catherine desires for the 1 year period, and then will revert back to being himself.  So, who is Mr. Collins really?  Mr. Collins' Deception is a silly, entertaining story about the true Mr. Collins and how he attempts to fool everyone for 1 year.  I found the story a bit far-fetched, but I am confident that is the intention of the authors, as it added to the humor.  The story is totally told from Mr. Collins' perspective.  A light novella - quickly read.  None of the charm or romance of P&P, but a satiric novelty with an interesting premise.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sweet Story of Cupid's Interference with ODC

Sweet story of one incident after another that put Darcy and Elizabeth in each other's way or in compromising situations.  Very humorous and sweet.  Georgiana gives us her feedback at the beginning of each chapter.
Very enjoyable read.

Plagiarism in the JAFF World

I am so appalled and amazed to hear that some of the authors of Jane Austen Fan Fiction are being plagiarized.

Many of our favorite authors first publish their works in progress on sites such as Fan Fiction, Beyond Austen, A Happy Assembly, Darcy and Lizzy, etc.  Those of us who support these authors are thrilled to help support them as they build their stories.  And, afterward, to purchase the story once published on Amazon, etc.

However, just recently some of the JAFF authors have had their stories stolen off the websites.  The plagiarizers have published the stores as their own before the true author has finished preparing the story for publication.  Because authors rarely use their real names on the JAFF sites, those of us who love their stories can be taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals.

I think it is important for us to have some indication on the JAFF sites as to the true author of the story so we can be assured we are purchasing it from the correct person.  I also think it is important that we be told the names of the individuals (or the names they published under) for us to recognize if we have purchased a fake.

I would like to see the fan sites move to using at least something resembling the correct author's name so we do not have this problem in the future.

And, shame on those who would so ruin our joy in the JAFF world.